By sowing seeds into this ministry you are sowing into all the lives that we reach out to, to advance God’s Kingdom by sharing the gospel of Christ.

My heart’s cry has been to share the gospel through all the nations and it’s been one adventure after another seeing God provide the “blue money” making it possible to fulfill His call in the countries that I have been fortunate enough to minister in. In addition, over the years, I have been blessed to see God’s seeds bringing forth incredible fruit!

By giving to God Writes in Blue (through my ministry God’s Best for Now) you help me with operational costs as well as enabling me to continue in ministry and all that is yet to come! I pray over every one of you who gives and in addition I ask God would bless your giving in an abundant harvest back to you!


*All donations are tax deductible, receipts are sent at end of year.

Sow a Seed