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About the book:
What if, out of the blue, an event in your life that should have left damage was miraculously altered? What if in its place a divine intervention rewrote your story and positively affected the outcome of what should have been? What if the experience you encountered and embraced transformed you into becoming the person you are today?

That is what this book “God Writes in Blue” shares with its readers. This is a collection of our real life stories that together share how two lives were changed because God came again and again with His Blue Pen.

Sherri Sumstine shares candidly of her and her late husband’s failures and wrong choices. She opens up to share their brokenness and insecurities. And she can boldly state today that what would have become difficult life events and painful memories are instead embraced because of the valuable spiritual lessons learned through them and the active relationship with the Divine that was cultivated in them.

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