God’s Words are Omnipotent Blue!

Our words are potent, but God’s words are omnipotent!
My book, God Writes in Blue, is in the beginning process of publishing! At the end of reading it you will know all me!
God’s Book has been in existence for around 3,500 years! His sole desire repeated over and over throughout His Book, the Bible, are expressed in His Words of “Then they will know that I am the Lord.”
All He wants is for us to know Him! His is the best ever best seller!

My book will share a collection of real life stories lived by my late husband, Mike Sumstine, and myself. They are his stories, my stories and our stories that together share how two lives were changed because God came again and again with His blue pen.
An event that should have left damage was miraculously altered. A divine intervention rewrote our stories and positively affected the outcome of what should have been.
“God Writes in Blue” shares our failures and wrong choices, our brokenness and insecurities. But, I can gratefully state today that what would have become difficult life events and painful memories have instead become the invaluable spiritual lessons taught to us from within their experiences. Their redemption became the very foundation of our active relationship with our Heavenly Father.
I have also included my stories that continue on after Mike moved to heaven. I share my very personal grief journey and with it stories that have become some of the most remarkable experiences of my lifetime!

I look forward to your opportunity soon to read my stories and I hope when you do you feel like my neighbor who lived next door and that we did life together. I hope you will be inspired to look at your own stories and find God’s blue pen because when God writes, God Writes in Blue! It is miraculous and omnipotent. It is without limits and all powerful. His love is perfect and His grace more than sufficient! about