Red in the WORD, Then Blue for YOU

Bibles are printed in black ink and often have the words of Jesus in red. It can be somewhat intimidating to open up that Book. May I encourage you to do it!  Maybe find the book of John and start reading there.

I promise it will be awesome and if you follow the action that Jesus is speaking about to Nicodemus in John Chapter 3, you will experience a spiritual birth that will change your life.   But…you must TELL someone and let them help you.  : ) You are NEW (like a newborn) and others can share with and care for you.

THEN you will begin to see God’s hand writing in YOUR life story!  And THAT will be in blue!


Put Your Pen Down

I want my blog to always be about God and His beautiful blue handwriting!  I want it to share of real life struggles and how if I, if we will put our pen down He will pick up His and everything will be different.  He has life changing words to pen even now……